Move energy, explore your depths, express yourself and connect with others


Think mindfulness training with music and movement. Dance—all that twisting, shaking, flowing, reaching, stretching, taking on different shapes, responding to other bodies in motion —can bring to light unconscious patterns, express the unexpressed and give you the chance to open to new ways of moving in the world. 

Open Floor Movement is a brilliant framework created by a small group of the late Gabrielle Roth’s most longtime proteges and I’m proud to have been in the first class of teachers to learn this method from the masters.

My classes create amazing communities of people who want to deepen their ability to connect with themselves and others. Friends are made. Fun is had. And we move deeper and in new directions.

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Open Floor Movement: Dance + Self-Inquiry + Community



About Melissa Herst

I teach Open Floor Movement classes that help people boost their creativity, authenticity, self-awareness and relational skills. 

Lots of people come wanting stronger, more real connections. Others want to get a better handle on their stress or difficult emotions. Some are looking for a way to tap into their inner wisdom that doesn’t require sitting still after a long day behind a desk.  

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of sitting meditations; I practice Vipassana on the regular.  And yoga is great too—I used to teach Ashtanga. But what I love about dance is that it creates different kinds of understandings and connections. 

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